State wins kudos over church women empowerment


CHURCH mother bodies have commended Government for extending the empowerment funds to women groups in churches, saying this will enable beneficiaries to become self-reliant and lessen the church’s burden of helping the underprivileged.
Independent Churches of Zambia board chairperson David Masupa said in an interview, and urged churches that will benefit from the project to avoid the temptation of misappropriating the funds because this could tarnish the name of the church.
“That move is very commendable because it will reduce vulnerability among women in churches; they will be able to run entrepreneurship ventures and sustain themselves. My only concern is that these funds should be given through church mother bodies to avoid misuse,” Bishop Masupa said.
He said the Churches Association of Zambia is expeditiously implementing a similar project.
Bishop Masupa said there are a number of women groups in the church that are in dire need of capital to start businesses, but lack financial assistance.
“There are plenty of women in the church that need such funds, but most of them need capacity building so that the funds can revolve. My appeal to Government is that it should also introduce basic financial management trainings,” he said.
Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia executive director Pukuta Mwanza said the funds will lessen the pressure on the church.
“The church carries a lot of problems on its shoulders, especially when there are calamities like job losses. This fund will lessen that burden and it means our people will be self-reliant and the pressure on churches will be reduced,” Reverend Mwanza said.
He said the funds will have a very significant impact on a lot of lives because the church has not been spared by the current economic challenges the country is going through.

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