State to vaccinate over 21,000 cows

GOVERNMENT will next week start to vaccinate over 21,500 cattle against East Coast Fever to prevent early mortality in livestock in Eastern Province.
East Coast Fever is a tick-borne protozoal infection of cattle which is transmitted by infected ticks.
Provincial veterinary officer Arthur Mumbolomena said in an interview in Chipata on Wednesday that the exercise will also include vaccinating over one million chickens against Newcastle.
“The exercise will start next week targeting about 21,500 cattle and one million birds [chickens] and it is expected to end by mid-August this year,” he said.
Dr Mumbolomena said the disease is the major cause of animal mortality and a hindrance to livestock development in the province as it is prominent in calves which are easily attacked by the disease.
The disease makes an animal to have a soft cough due to fluid in the lungs, making breathing difficult and also develops diarrhoea with tinged blood.
Other symptoms are muscle wasting, white discolouration of the eyes and gums become vivid, if early treatment is not taken.
Dr Mumbolomena said there is need for farmers to take their livestock for vaccination to avoid any loss as the disease is preventable and treatable.
During the vaccination exercise, farmers are required to pay K15 per cow.

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