State ups climate change fight

THE hot westerly winds blowing over the vast sandy area of Mongu district give the impression that the area has not received its fair share of rains in decades.
While rain does fall in season, the last years have seen much less of it and for shorter periods, leaving the dry land itching for more. The sporadic rainfall is one of the effects of the diverse effects of climate change, a condition affecting different regions of the country in different ways.
With a population of about 250,000 people, many of them highly dependent on agriculture, it is vital that a solution be found for continued supply of food not just for the district, but enough to supply to other towns and regions, especially Mongu rice, a delicacy of many.
The climatic conditions in the region have led to the area, well known for agricultural produce such as rice on a large scale, as well as being home to viable fishing activities, to take up new adaptive methods in order to safeguard the livelihood of people.
This change in climatic conditions has not only affected human habitation, but also affected animals, both wild and domestic, due to adverse heat and little water to rely on.
The region experienced a severe drought that has left over 80,000 people affected, further resulting in crop failure, and CLICK TO READ MORE

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