State refuses to bow to worthless politics


MINISTER of Information and Broadcasting Services Kampamba Mulenga says Government will not be distracted by United Party for National Development (UPND) and its allies from fulfilling its ultimate goal of improving the socio-economic welfare of citizens.

Ms Mulenga said time for politicking is over and that Government’s focus is on implementing programmes and policies aimed at improving the welfare of citizens.
She said it is disappointing that the UPND is still in the campaign mode instead of concentrating on mobilising their party ahead of the 2021 general elections.
Ms Mulenga, who is chief government spokesperson, said the Patriotic Front (PF) administration will continue championing the interest of the poor through its continued implementation of pro-poor policies and programmes.
“As Government, we will not be distracted from fulfilling what we promised the Zambian people during our campaigns by people who have refused to respect the will of the Zambian people who gave President Lungu the mandate to run affairs of this great country,” Ms Mulenga said.
She said the people of Zambia have an obligation to scrutinise actions of opposition politicians seeking to lead the nation yet they have no regard for the country’s laws.
She said the arrest of treason-accused UPND president Hakainde Hichilema should not give some foreign opposition leaders the latitude to undermine Zambia’s state institutions and attacking President Lungu.
She said the behaviour of some local and foreign opposition leaders leaves much to be desired and that government will ensure the rule of law is upheld to safeguard the peace the country has enjoyed over the years.
She advised the international community to stop meddling in the country’s internal political and governance affairs.
Ms Mulenga said matters before the courts should be left to the judiciary to decide.
The Kalulushi lawmaker said patriotic Zambians have a responsibility of safeguarding the sovereignty of the country by ensuring the rule of law is upheld to avoid allowing selfish political elements to plunge the country into chaos.
Ms Mulenga said President Lungu’s government will continue upholding tenets of democracy and allow all State institutions to operate independently as dictated by law and desired by Zambians.


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