State proposes media museum

Mulenga Kampamba.

MINISTER of Information and Broadcasting Services Kampamba Mulenga has proposed the establishment of a media museum to take stock of how technology in the broadcasting sector has evolved over the years.

And Radio Icengelo station manager Benedict Ng’andwe says the institution wants to work with Government in portraying the correct picture about Zambia.
Speaking during a tour of Radio Icengelo in Kitwe on Wednesday, Ms Mulenga said there is need to preserve the evolution of technology for future generations because many changes have taken place since the first television and radio stations were established.
“We can come up with media museums to take stock of old equipment so that our children and their children can see how technology has evolved over the years,” she said.
Ms Mulenga said even as the country moves towards digital migration, it is important that old equipment is preserved in museums to enable the younger generation to appreciate where broadcasting is coming from in terms of the equipment used in the past and the current one.
And Ms Mulenga is impressed with the innovation at most of the radio stations she has visited in Kitwe so far.
Ms Mulenga who has visited Your Anthem Radio, Flava FM, Radio Icengelo and Faith Baptist Radio, said the zeal for expansion exhibited by radio stations in Kitwe is encouraging.
“Government wants the media industry, whether private or public, to flourish and I must say I am very impressed with the innovation that I have seen so far,” she said.
The minister encouraged struggling radio stations not to shy away from interacting with those that are thriving for them to learn some survival techniques.
And Fr Ng’andwe said a lot of wrong information about the country is being peddled on social media and Zambians are accessing it.
He urged Government to partner with private and community radio stations such as Icengelo in giving the correct information about Zambia.
Fr Ng’andwe said the media has a duty to disseminate the kind of information that should give the country national identity and promote peace, love and reconciliation.
However, Fr Ng’andwe said Icengelo Radio is struggling financially because there are many broadcasting stations which are all fighting for the same market.
Meanwhile, Ms Mulenga says the renovation works currently going on at the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) Kitwe studios show that the money for the digital migration process has been put to good use.
Speaking after she toured the studios yesterday, Ms Mulenga said the working environment for journalists and other workers at ZNBC will be transformed with the installation of the state-of-the art studio equipment and cameras.
She said the establishment of provincial studios will also create more jobs for journalists and also help reduce the bloated workforce at Mass Media Complex in Lusaka as some people will be sent to work at the provincial studios.
Ms Mulenga said there has been a lot of speculation regarding the usage of the money for the digital migration process and that the renovation works at the Kitwe studios are proof enough that the money is being put to good use.
“There has been so much debate on where the monies have gone and I hope these renovations have put the matter to rest. We want to assure the public that every borrowed ngwee will be put to good use,” she said.
Ms Mulenga also assured ZNBC employees that no single job will be lost as a result of the partnership with TopStar.
And ZNBC principal engineer – north Justin Lwenje said the main studio in Kitwe will be transformed into a four-camera chain studio with the coming of the digital migration.
He said the contractor renovating the studio has currently done the sound proofing and will install state-of-the-art lighting and equipment in the studio.

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