State ponders partnership with ex-miners


GOVERNMENT will consider working with the ex-miners in the setting up and management of a solar milling plant in Chingola, Minister of Agriculture Given Lubinda has said.
Mr Lubinda made the assurance in response to a letter from Wilundo Engineering Services (WES), a firm managed by ex-miners.  The firm is proposing to manage the solar powered milling plant on behalf of Government in the mining district.
Mr Lubinda said the WES proposals have been taken into consideration especially that Government is committed in diversifying from dependence on mining to the agriculture sector.
“I would like to advise that you present the idea to the District Agriculture Co-ordinating Office (DACO) in Chingola,” the Minister said in a letter made available to the Sunday Mail in Chingola last week.
DACO is expected to carry out the necessary co-ordination on the matter when everything is put in place for the setting up of a solar milling plant in the area.
In the letter, WES director Willick Nyondo said that if the proposal is supported by Government, the target group will be retrenched miners.
Mr Nyondo also said some youths will be trained in the use and running of a power solar milling plant through the support of DACO.
The proposed site for a solar powered milling plant is at a farm block where maize, millet, beans cowpeas, groundnuts cassava and soya beans are cultivated.
“The project will be closer to the raw materials and will address a lot of economic challenges because currently it is expensive to move raw materials for processing,” he said.
He said there is no milling plant near the farm block.

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