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State media journalists call for better welfare

ZAMBIA Union of Journalists (ZUJ) general secretary Angela Chishimba has called on the government to improve the welfare of the media and its practitioners in Zambia through debt conversion into share capital and recapitalisation.
“Employees of the State media are going through difficulties and it is the union’s wish that President Lungu and his new administration look at their well-being. The overriding problem is that all state-owned companies are in “intensive care” and if Government does not move quickly to save them, they will close down,” she said.
Ms Chishimba said in a statement yesterday that Times Printpak Zambia Limited employees are barely surviving and that it is a miracle that the Times of Zambia has continued to publish.
She said that these companies have for a long time been stifled by huge statutory debt which several administrations have promised to recapitalise but have not delivered.
Ms Chishimba said that the union is ready to work with President Lungu and his Government to ensure that the media’s interests are prioritised.

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