State keen on digital-friendly policy

GOVERNMENT says it’s looking forward to a digital-friendly policy and legislative framework.
Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication Yamfwa Mukanga said a relevant and supportive regulatory regime and an innovative citizenry is also needed if Zambia is to benefit from a “connected community”.
The minister was speaking on Friday night during the commemoration of 150 years of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).
The commemoration was organised by the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA).
Mr Mukanga has also called for complete elimination of the digital divide that has separated the developed from underdeveloped countries.
He implored students and companies to take research and development seriously because it leads to the accumulation of scientific knowledge which is the bedrock of innovation.
Mr Mukanga said Government is proud of the achievements of the ITU and its members in helping connect the world and significantly contribute to the improved welfare of people.
He said ITU has transformed itself as the frontrunner institution for connecting communities and people across various divides.
Mr Mukanga said as the country commemorates the birth of the ITU, almost every Zambian is connected to at least one form of telephony.
He said for Zambians, who are unconnected, various interventions are being rolled out to ensure that they are connected.
And ZICTA managing director Margaret Mudenda said information communication and technology has expedited development of various economies worldwide.
She said to commemorate 150 years of ITU, ZICTA has put in place a programme that will encourage and reward contribution and innovation in the industry.

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