State completes installing solar-powered milling plants

Solar Milling Plant.

GOVERNMENT has finished installing 16 solar-powered milling plants out of the 22 allocated to Luwingu district in Northern Province which has culminated in the creation of more than 88 jobs for the local people.
Government is installing solar milling plants countrywide to cushion the price of mealie-meal in the nation.

Luwingu district commissioner Patrick Chanda said in an interview yesterday that the district was allocated 22 milling plants from the 2,000 units that Government is installing countrywide.

“Luwingu district was allocated 22 solar milling plants and so far, 16 have been installed and will be commissioned soon,’’ he said.
Mr Chanda said more people are likely to be employed once the project is fully operational.
He said the installed milling plants will help to mitigate the challenges that the people of…

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