‘State committed to improving medical imaging services’

GOVERNMENT has committed to improve medical imaging services in Zambia to reduce the number of patients referred abroad for speacialised imaging services, Southern Province medical officer Jelita Chinyonga has said.
Dr Chinyonga said access to improved medical imaging in Zambia will necessitate the provision of quality healthcare services closer to families.
“Medical imaging is used in Zambia as a tool to guide clinicians in the provision of evidence-based clinical practice. That is why it is one of the areas in the Ministry of Health that is undergoing rapid transformation so that patients can be close to their families,” she said.
She was speaking at a medical imaging scientific symposium of the Radiological Society of Zambia, held under the theme ‘Medical imaging: Evidence-based medical tool’.
The symposium attracted over 50 radiologists from different health centres around the country.
Dr Chinyonga implored all imaging practitioners to consider specialisation saying it is a key component in the provision of quality health care in Zambia and that it is a fundamental tool for patient management.
“Medical imaging is on the front-line of treating, managing and even monitoring diseases which has become essential for virtually all major medical conditions and diseases. I urge you to remember that wherever you are, you are important and your commitment is always appreciated,” she said
She said medical imaging is a standard of modern medical care for cancer, stroke, heart disease, trauma, and neurological conditions which is used by many medical specialists.
Dr Chinyonga observed that medical imaging innovations have made provisions of disease diagnostic results in a faster, more precise, and less invasive manner.
“Worldwide, medical imaging has transformed medical practice and has dramatically changed how clinicians diagnoses,” she said
She however urged imaging professionals to refrain from financial motives as this can degrade their moral standing in society.

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