State to boost fish farming

AS A way of encouraging fish farming, Government will next year set up 100 fish cages across the country and spend K5 million to help those who want to get into agriculture.
Minister of Fisheries and Livestock Geryford Monde said Government is sourcing for resources to set up the fish cages at selected water bodies.
Mr Monde said in an interview yesterday that the cages will act as examples to those who want to set up fish farms.
“We want to encourage as many people as possible to get in fish farming so that when a fish ban has been effected, people can still have enough fish to sell and eat as a source of protein,” he said.
Zambia has a fish deficit of about 55,000 metric tonnes and Mr Monde said Government is working hard to ensure that this gap is covered up.
Mr Monde said Government wants to ensure that the deficit is closed up and the surplus is exported to enable the country earn foreign exchange.
Government has also put aside K5 million as a way of encouraging people to get into fish farming.
Mr Monde said the money will be available from January 2016 and those interested need to approach the ministry’s offices in various districts.
He said Government is committed to ensure that production of fish is doubled taking into consideration the numerous water bodies the country has.

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