State bans new land applications


GOVERNMENT has suspended the allocation of land to new applicants until councils countrywide clear the backlog of people on the waiting list.
Taskforce chairperson on illegal land allocations and acquisitions, Lieutenant Colonel (rtd) Panji Kaunda said at a press briefing in Kitwe yesterday that the measure is aimed at curbing rampant illegal allocation of land.
Col Kaunda said Government has established that many citizens who applied for land through councils are still waiting to be given land.
Col. Kaunda, who is also Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, said land should be given on first come first serve basis.
“Many people applied for land many years ago and yet they are still on the waiting list. We have resolved that there will be no issuance of land to new applicants until the councils clear the backlog,” Col Kaunda said.
He said there is a lot of land that has been allocated illegally and warned that those found wanting will face the wrath of law.
“Wars were fought so that our people can have access to land and it is only fair that every citizen has access to land,” Col. Kaunda said.
He said Government will not shield any individual involved in illegal land transactions.
He appealed to councilors who will be elected into office in the August 11 general elections to desist from illegal land transactions.

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