State adds salt to economic growth

GOVERNMENT wants to promote the economic growth of the area by identifying people that can invest in the production of salt.

MPIKA is poised to transform Zambia into one of the exporters of salt in Southern Africa as Government steps in to find investors to exploit its rich deposits.
Situated in Muchinga Province, Mpika boasts of high-grade salt deposits in Chief Chikwanda’s area. The salt is mined in Chibwa area situated on the Kopa-Luchembe road.
The lack of investment into salt production has made it difficult for Mpika to raise its investment profile and lead Zambia’s industrialisation agenda in salt production.
Salt is an indispensable commodity across the globe and can increase the country’s foreign exchange earnings if Mpika’s abundant deposits are well-harnessed.
It is extracted from special stones using equipment such as picks with some local people slowly embracing the use of explosives.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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