State acts to curb abuse of vehicles

MINISTER of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication Yamfwa Mukanga says Government has come up with strict transport control measures because abuse of public vehicles was rife in the past.
Mr Mukanga said in an interview yesterday that Government wants to rationalise the use of transport in the public service.
On Tuesday Cabinet agreed to put in place transport management measures in the public service in all the three arms of Government which will result in Government saving up to K10 billion per year.
“In the past Government transport was abused but in the last three years, we have been putting in place strict measures to curb abuse,” Mr Mukanga said in an interview.
Mr Mukanga said Government will closely monitor the performance of its fleet of vehicles.
“We are keeping a close eye on our transport system including the issue of fuel, and that way we will save K10 billion per year,” he said.

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