Stanchart goes back to its roots

STANDARD Chartered Bank board, management and staff yesterday visited the ‘birthplace’ of banking in Zambia as part of the commemoration of 110 years of the bank’s existence in the country.
Standard Chartered Bank, which was the first bank to operate in Zambia in the then administrative capital Kalomo in 1906, has since commenced the restoration of the old branch in a bid to transform it into a heritage site that will contribute to boosting of tourism in the area.
Officiating at the event, Minister of Tourism and Arts Charles Banda said Kalomo, being the first capital, remains important in Zambia’s history, and efforts such as the restoration of the first bank will go a long way in unlocking the tourism potential.
“My ministry is committed to support efforts to preserve our history, with the aspiration of having as many tourist destinations as possible across Zambia. Once this site is restored, it will serve as another attractive location for tourists to make a stop-over and learn about the history of banking in Zambia,” Mr Banda said.
Mr Banda said Government will support initiatives aimed at boosting tourism and contributing to the economic transformation of the country.
Earlier Kalomo district commissioner Cosmas Chiiba urged Standard Chartered bank to consider re-opening the branch in the area to boost commerce and enhance financial inclusion.
At the same occasion, Standard Chartered Bank board member Robin Miller said the firm, which also planted 110 trees at the site, remains committed to protecting the environment.
“We are planting 110 trees today as our contribution to protect this environment from the effects of climate change and also to play our part in tackling deforestation,” he said.
Mr Miller also said the site will be a key learning centre for the people of Kalomo and tourists.

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