Letter to the Editor

Stalled construction of Musaila-Kasaba, Pedicle roads

Dear editor,
I RECENTLY travelled to Lubwe Mission in Chifunabuli district.
It is disheartening that after 55 years of Independence, construction of the road from Musaila (Tuta road to junction of Mansa-Samfya road) to Senior Chief Mwewa and Kasaba, has not yet been completed.
Works progressed up to gravel level, but that is all. It is a road that is less than 60km up to Chief Mwewa’s palace. Why can’t we finish what we started?
The Pedicle Road (through the Congo DR) is another one, with just a few kilometres left before completion. Why can’t we finish it off?
I am appealing to the relevant authorities to look into these projects. It should not take the President to go there and issue a directive. Those charged with the responsibility must do their job.
Please, can you put a smile on the Ngumbo people by completing these roads?

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