Stakeholders work to address poultry woes

SOWETO Chicken and Egg Traders Association (SCETA) seeks to partner with poultry farmers to address challenges they face when trading at the market.
The association has observed that poultry farmers have been facing numerous challenges such as theft when trading at Soweto Market.
This came to light during a broiler sub-committee meeting held at the Poultry Association of Zambia recently.
“Poultry farmers have been facing numerous challenges at Soweto market, especially those taking chickens in the early hours of the day between 02 .00 hours and 04.00 hours.
“SCETA is also discouraging farmers from taking chickens early in the morning to avoid theft but instead take the birds around 05.00 hours and transact with the association, for those interested in taking the birds to the market.” This is contained in a Zambia National Farmers’ Union’s weekly brief issued on Friday and availed to the Daily Mail.
The committee and SCETA further agreed to help traders that will be interested in buying chickens from the farmers directly at their farms at a farm price approved between them and the farmers.
“It was also emphasised that there should be mutual trust between the farmers and the traders which is based on a win-win situation so that each group can concentrate on what they do best. Poultry farmers will be advised on the progress of this cooperation,” SCETA says.

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