Letter to the Editor

Spot on Mayor Sampa but more needs to be done

Dear editor,
I WISH to commend Lusaka mayor Miles Sampa for taking up the challenge of cleaning up garbage in the central business district on Wednesday.
It is good as the father of the city, Mr Sampa is leading by example.
However, the mayor and Lusaka City Council need to look at a sustainable way of cleaning up the city as opposed to one-off operations like he did on Wednesday.
There is need to form a committee of representatives of vendors and shop owners.
Litter from some shops and waste generated by vendors who have been allowed back on the streets is blocking drainages. Litter from shops and vendors is swept into drainages.
A lasting solution needs to be found like yesterday.
If shop owners and vendors are engaged to clean their surroundings, it will make the CBD clean and healthy.

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