Letter to the Editor

Sports complexes for parastatals

Dear editor,
THE letter by concerned citizen proposing the compelling of parastatals to build sports complexes cannot go without comment.My view is that this is a complicated matter considering what the government is trying to achieve economically with these same entities.
Many of the so-called parastatals are tottering on the verge of collapse. I feel that those that have survived the era of “do this, do that” should be given a chance to run as businesses while those that can should support and promote good health habits among their employees.
I feel the sports complexes helped the country become a truly sporting nation, but that is not their (parastatals’) focus.
Rather, let’s create a conducive environment to allow those that want to invest big time in sports to do so and let them reap the rewards of their hard work.
Free things have failed us in this country where resources have been diverted from core business areas just to satisfy national ego.
Sport may have flourished, but at what price to those same sponsoring companies? What happened to the complexes they had built? This is deja vu.

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