Letter to the Editor

Speed up Lusaka-Ndola road project

Dear editor,
I RECENTLY drove between Lusaka and Ndola. A distance of just over 300kms, which I had hoped to cover in about four hours driving at a moderate speed, took about seven hours.
The reasons for the delay are exactly why there is need to have a dual carriageway between the two cities. There are too many slow-moving trucks on the road and the portion between Kapiri Mposhi and Ndola is dangerously uneven.
Many trucks are understandably driven under the speed limits for such vehicles but in many cases, the drivers drive at ridiculously low speeds of 40 or even 30kms per hour. At times, there would be four or five of these trucks in a convoy. This makes overtaking extremely difficult and indeed dangerous.
I am not surprised that in many instances, accidents on this highway involve trucks and overtaking.
I urge Government to quickly get the Lusaka-Ndola dual highway quickly worked on so that driving between the two cities becomes a pleasure rather than a nightmare.

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