Letter to the Editor

Spare our make-shift stalls please!

Dear editor,
LUSAKA City Council (LCC) has been demolishing makeshift stalls in Lusaka. LCC should remember that some owners have no other means to survive but through selling in these makeshift stalls.
These are poor people who cannot afford to rent proper shops.
It is unreasonable to demolish makeshift stalls in townships when most traders were removed from town centre in a bid to get rid of street vending.
Why is the council following these traders in the townships and demolishing their makeshift stalls, the only source of survival?
This attitude by LCC must be condemned by Government, civil society, the Church and all well-meaning Zambians. Life is tough out there. Let us practise Christianity at all levels.
Let’s have human hearts as a Christian nation.
The Church should not only concentrate on national dialogue but should also defend the poor from such injustice.

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