Soya beans farmers close in on cash

SMALL-SCALE soya beans farmers could this year benefit from the trading price, which is generally high at K5,800, commodity researcher Nkandu Mwenge has said.
Mr Mwenge said in an interview yesterday that the soya beans price is benefiting from the export of soya meal, and this has resulted in small-scale soya beans farmers selling the commodity at export-price.
“This year, soya beans farmers are much better off than maize farmers because the prices of small-scale soya beans is the same as it was at the end of last season at about K5,600 to K5,800 a tonne, whereas maize has fallen from a high of K5,300 to about K2,000 a tonne this season due to the maize bumper harvest,” he said.
Mr Mwenge said small-scale farmers can diversify crop production by including soya beans to cushion any possible fall in the maize price.
He said with soya meal being exported, demand remains generally high, thus ensuring market availability.
“There is high competition for our soya meal on the export market compared to maize,” Mr Mwenge said.
He also said there are few restrictions on soya exports compared to maize, hence the need for farmers to seize the opportunity.

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