South part of national development – State

MINISTER of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Lloyd Kaziya says Government will not segregate Southern Province from the rest of the country in the delivery of quality and durable water facilities because the region requires development like any other.
Mr Kaziya is also happy that the rehabilitation of the K263, 088 Ndondi Dam intended to service 14 villages, 560 households, 3,360 people and over 2, 000 livestock in Pemba district has been completed.
Speaking when he wrapped up his tour of Choma and Pemba districts on Thursday, Mr Kaziya said Government has prioritised regions like Southern Province that are prone to droughts in construction of dams and drilling of boreholes among other development-related programmes aimed at providing safe and clean water to people.
“So far so good but we need to do more water-related development projects in Southern Province because the Patriotic Front (PF) government does not want to leave out any region under-developed,” Mr Kaziya said.
He said Government does not have barriers to provide services and that Southern Province will continue receiving a fair share of development.
Mr Kaziya said the region is not a PF stronghold but President Lungu’s administration will not leave it under-developed.
He said people in the region should realise that the PF government means well and should begin to appreciate the development projects being implemented in the area.
“We are not choosing where to take the dams or boreholes first but we shall prioritise places like Southern Province which experience droughts due to climatic changes,” Mr Kaziya said.
He said Government will ensure more dams are constructed and boreholes drilled in the area to cushion the shortage of water.
The minister toured Choma, Ndondi, Nachibanga and Munyama Dams in Choma and Pemba districts, respectively.
He said the dams will enhance and sustain the livelihood of people living near the water bodies by promoting farming, fishing and feeding their livestock.
Mr Kaziya was delighted to find that the rehabilitation of the Ndondi dam is over 90 percent complete and commended Savenda Management Service Limited for the job well done.
“I am very happy to learn that this dam (Ndondi) will be completed next week. This is money put to good use by Government,” he said.
Mr Kaziya said communities living near and along the dam will benefit greatly.
Savenda Management Service Limited site engineer Collins Chanda said the company is remaining with construction of a drop structure, grabbing and clearing of vegetation on the embankment.
Provincial water affairs officer Mathew Simfukwe said the dam caters for Ndondi High and Basic schools and a rural health centre.
Mr Simfukwe said the dam will be used for irrigation, fish farming, domestic use and livestock watering.

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