Sotambe in Chimwemwe

TWENTY youths from Chimwemwe area in Kitwe have been selected to participate in the Business Mobile Filmmaking Training Programme that has been designed and implemented by the Sotambe Film Institute (SFI) and fully funded by the United States Embassy in Lusaka.
The main goal of this project is to empower youths on the Copperbelt with filmmaking skills using the most affordable and accessible equipment – mobile phones.
“This will help them to create content and adverts for companies and various established businesses which are in need of online advertising and marketing for their social media sites,” said Martina Mwanza, co-founder and managing director of the SFI in a statement made available to the Weekend Mail.
“For this to happen, there is a need not only for skills in filmmaking but also having strong entrepreneurial skills to successfully monetize ones’ talent. The Business Mobile Filmmaking Training Programme is a powerful combination of filmmaking and entrepreneurship skills transfer that will help youths to become financially stable.”
Interviews took place between January 8 – 9 this month at the ImaShoots Studio in Chimwemwe headed by the director and CLICK TO READ MORE

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