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Soldier reprimanded for not taking care of his son

THE Chelstone Court has castigated a Zambia Army employee for not supporting his 17-year-old son.
This was before senior presiding magistrate Hope Mwila and senior court magistrate In’gutu Mulenga in a case in which Naomi Musonda, 36, of Mtendere sued Joseph Soko, 43, for child support. The duo divorced in 2000 but has a child together.
Magistrate Mulenga wondered why an army officer that is viewed as disciplined could fail to support his child by not paying for his school fees, buying him clothing and food.
She said it was shameful that on officer from the defence forces was putting the reputation of the Zambia Army in disrepute due to failure to support children they have with different women.
“As Army personnel, you are supposed to lead by example by being disciplined. Government is trying very hard to get off the streets children who may be there as a result of irresponsible fathers like you,” Magistrate Mulenga said.
Earlier in her statement, Musonda told the court that Soko has not been supporting his child since the time the duo divorced in 2000.
“My former husband only managed to give our son worn out shoes when he asked to be bought new ones,” she said amidst laughter from the court when she produced the black torn shoes.
Soko however admitted of not fully supporting his child but promised to do so starting this month end.
Passing judgment, the court ordered Soko to be paying child support of K500 monthly.
He was also ordered to be paying for his education fees  and medical bills as well as buy his clothes.

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