Solar milling plants come in handy

DESPITE the solar milling plants not necessarily leading directly to a reduction in the prices of mealie meal, rural areas like Mporokoso in the Northern Province are seeing some benefits.
For instance, while before the installation of the milling plant in Shikaluba Village David Kapungwe used to walk for more than 10 kilometres for him to mill his maize at the nearest private milling plant, this is no longer the case today.
It is now a few minutes’ walk from his homestead. And to mill a gallon, he only pays K1.50 instead of the previous K2.50. For those in Lusaka, this is not much. In fact, it could be less than the amount you give to those asking for alms at traffic lights. But for villagers in far flung areas, it is understandably a lot.
Kapungwe, a father of three, harvested 60 bags of maize grain in the last farming season. He sold 30 bags to the District Cooperative and Marketing Union located very close to where he lives to be able to meet the school requirements for his son who made it to Grade 10. http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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