Social cash life-changing stories from Pemba

THE Mapulangas at their house in Pemba’s Maplot Township. PICTURE: DOREEN NAWA

AT 86, Patrick Mapulanga, a visually impaired resident of Pemba’s Maplot, is proud and grateful that he can afford three meals in a day.
Having lost eight of their children, Mr Mapulanga and his wife, Musorina, were near destitution.
With no-one to care for them, life was unbearable. The couple of over 60 years now could hardly afford a meal.
But now the situation has changed. Mrs Mapulanga said the family has achieved a lot ever since the family started benefiting from Social Cash Transfer (SCT) Programme in 2019.
Mrs Mapulanga said the family has been freed from a poverty trap.
“Eight years back, in the space of two years we lost all seven children who were the family’s bread winners at the time when my last-born child was also sick. He, too, died and this plunged the family into perpetual poverty. From there on, life was hopeless,” Mrs Mapulanga said.
But through the SCT programme, the Mapulangas have managed to turn their lives around.
The benefits for Mr and Mrs Mapulanga are countless. Mrs Mapulanga said the family has managed to buy village chickens to kick-start their poultry farming.
She has also used part of the savings from the proceeds of CLICK TO READ MORE

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