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Social cash fund saving lives

SEVENTY-YEAR-OLD Namasiku Sililo (left) shows off her new phone in Sesheke, Western Province. PICTURE: DOREEN NAWA

A 61-OLD-YEAR widow of Kabwe sees the Social Cash Transfer (SCT) as one of the solutions to her social and economic predicament.
Mrs Stella Zulu, a resident of Railways area, was captured on the government social protection programme in August this year.
She got K300 and she is happy that her application to be on the SCT was accepted.
“I got the money last month. I got K300,” she said.
Mrs Zulu, who looks after three orphans, said this recently during a Media Institute of Southern Africa Zambia field visit.
She is experiencing livelihood challenges because she does not have a reliable source of income.
Mrs Zulu said despite the K300 financial aid not being enough, she hopes the money will help her address some problems.
She said from the money she received, she managed to pay K150 towards school fees of her granddaughter, who is in Grade 12.
Mrs Zulu urged Government to increase the monthly allocations for the beneficiaries of SCT.
“The money is not enough, so Government should consider increasing the allocation,” she said.
Meanwhile, Social Welfare Njanji ward committee chairman Luckson Chinyingi said over 280 vulnerable people in the area are on the SCT programme.
Mr Chinyingi said the beneficiaries are happy to have been included on the programme.
He said some people in Njanji live in poverty and need help from well-wishers.
“Even when they are given money under SCT, they do not live in conducive environments and this is not good,” he said.
He said helping vulnerable people in some cases requires a multi-sectoral approach.

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