So the world hears First Lady Esther Lungu


STARKEY Hearing Foundation has commended First Lady Esther Lungu for the sound leadership she has demonstrated which has culminated in the

establishment of the first-ever hearing training institute in the country.
Starkey Hearing Foundation president Richard Brown said Mrs Lungu’s passion to help people with hearing impairment has made Zambia a model in Africa by providing training of audiologists from different parts of the continent.
This is according to a statement issued yesterday by first secretary for press at the Zambian mission in USA Cosmas Chileshe.
“Zambia, which had only one audiologist catering for a population of close to 15 million people with over 9,000 people with hearing impairments, will now spearhead training of specialists in the field,” Mr Brown said.
He said this on Sunday night when Mrs Lungu was honoured with the prestigious 2017 humanitarian award at the 17th annual ‘So the World May Hear’ award ceremony at Saint Paul River Centre in Minnesota, USA.
Meanwhile, Starkey Hearing Foundation co-founder Tani Austin hailed Mrs Lungu for her passion in serving people in the country, especially those in remote parts of Zambia.
During the awards gala, Mrs Lungu was given a standing ovation by an enthusiastic crowd of over 1,600 delegates.
Mrs Lungu has dedicated the award to people who have selflessly served to ensure that people with hearing impairments experience the gift of hearing.
She lauded Starkey Hearing Foundation Zambia executive director Alfred Mwamba for ensuring that training of audiologists in the country is a reality.
Mrs Lungu has concluded her programme in USA and has described the 2017 Starkey Hearing Foundation award as a humbling moment.

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