SMEs get Zanaco financial support

ZANACO will support the implementation of the business resilience facility project in a bid to support small- and medium-scale entrepreneurs (SMEs) to find market for their products.
The project has been created by Financial Sector Deepening Zambia (FSDZ) to build opportunities during moments like the coronavirus era.
Zambia recorded the first case of COVID-19 in March 2020 after the pandemic broke out in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.
Zanaco chief credit risk officer Kalengo Simukoko said the bank has bought 5,000 masks under the facility to help SMEs remain afloat.
Mr Simukoko said at the handover ceremony recently that the financial institution jumped on the opportunity to support the initiative after it was approached by Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM) and FSDZ.
“SMEs have been the most impacted by the pandemic, and Zanaco has embarked on a campaign to CLICK TO READ MORE

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