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Sling Beats back with ‘Rising Star’

BOUYED by the success of the One Drum Concert last year that featured 16 live acts, Sling Beats, which had partnered with Hunter’s Dry, is now looking at hosting two music concerts in Lusaka and the Copperbelt next month.

But before that, the two concerts are being preceded by a string of 26 live two-hour weekly music auditions at popular venues in Lusaka and the Copperbelt, where aspiring performers are getting an opportunity to perform onstage.

This year’s One Drum, being held under the theme “Raising Stars” is in line with Sling Beats’ core value of developing artistes and helping supporting local artistes in Zambia and Africa. The mission this year is to inspire an explosion of new music talent onto the Zambian landscape by seeking them right out raw from the areas they hail from and finally introducing the most gifted at the main concerts.
As the “Rising Star” suggests, pre-screened performers are being provided with a microphone and backed by basic instruments to help them showcase their talent.
Decisions on the quality of each performer are largely left to the audience. Participants that fairwell at the One Drum Rising Star build-up events will stand a chance to perform at the main concert event.
Each event is featuring a short appearance by a known musician who is helping the master of ceremonies during the event. Among the artistes being targeted to grace the events are those scheduled to perform at the main event. The likes of Kaladoshas, Mic Burner, Macky II and Cactus Agony have graced the event.
“The journey has been amazing so far. It’s surprising just how much talent there is in all the places we have gone. As a brand that promotes the art, we are happy to reach out to people in their areas,” Chali says.
“We hope to spark off an open mic revolution. Open Mic sessions are a place where people can freely test their singing skills. We believe simple live music performances with a guitar or keyboard should be encouraged as it provides an affordable platform for live performance experiences and a spring board for talented raw artistes who may never be discovered because of lack of opportunity.
“On this particular run, we hope to find two artistes who will get an opportunity not only to feature on the biggest collaboration song of the year alongside the biggest artistes in the country but also showcase their own work at the main events scheduled for 2nd September in Lusaka and 3rd September in Kitwe.”
Sling Beats launched the annual One Drum Concert concept with the support of Hunter’s Dry in Lusaka last year with the release of Chali Bravo’s various artists album. The concert featured 16 live acts.
Bravo is credited with auditioning and signing the likes of K’Millian, Ty2, Crystal Shaun, Tommy D, Kanji, Namanje, Mampi, General Ozzy, CQ and the late Kas Man under Sling Beats.


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