Sinazeze residents standing on shaky ground

THE mine, in operation since 2000, compensated 140 endangered households with a package of K1.76 million in 2018.

SOME cracked houses and tents are what you see when you get to some parts of the mining area in Sinazeze of Sinazongwe district.
The sadness on people’s faces is obvious because they do not know what their fate will be as some of their houses have completely collapsed while others are badly cracked, thereby posing a danger.
Bridget Siamfuna, 46, resides opposite shaft one of Collum Coal Mining Industries Limited and her house has not been spared from the effects of underground activities.
“My family has been living here for so many years. My husband and I had our five children here but since the coming in of underground mining activities, our lives have not been the same.
As you can see our house is badly cracked and it is very dangerous living in it. The wall which demarcates the rooms has completely collapsed forcing us to start living in a tent to preserve our lives,” she says.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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