Simuusa apologises to constituency


NCHANGA Member Parliament (MP) Wylbur Simuusa has apologised to his constituency for the delayed rehabilitation of township roads.
Mr Simuusa said in an interview during the week that the state of the roads in his constituency is bad but is glad that contractors are now on site and have started rehabilitating the streets.
“Nchanga constituents have every right to complain on the state of roads. They should bear with me as their leader but I am committed to ensure that roads are rehabilitated. Contractors are on site,” he said.
Mr Simuusa said the delay was due to some unfaithful contractors but he is happy that works have started even in areas where roads have not been worked on.
He said work has started on roads like Mipala, Kabompo, Kapisha and that leading to Nchanga hospital. He said the rehabilitation will soon be completed.
The Nchanga legislator said by the end of the year all township and peri-urban roads will be rehabilitated.
And Mr Simuusa has disclosed that Nchanga constituency will have three health posts contracted as part of the 650 that Government will build countrywide.
He said the health posts will be built in Kapisha, Lwano and Kamuchanga which have had no health facilities since Zambia’s independence in 1964.
Mr Simuusa said sites for the three health posts and contractors to build them, have already been identified.
Mr Simuusa said most people in the rural areas have difficulties in accessing proper medical care because health facilities were few and far apart.
He said the building of these health posts are in line with Government’s vision of providing equitable access to cost effective, quality healthcare to all citizens of Zambia as close to the family as possible.

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