Simukoko: KCM intervention in good faith

MINISTER of Labour and Social Security Joyce Simukoko (centre) with WCFCB property manager engineer Felix Chanda at the construction site of double-storey flats at Kola Court in Kitwe.

IN SECOND and final part of the interview, Minister of Labour and Social Security Joyce Simukoko is allaying fears that mining investors want to leave the country. Mrs Simukoko says Government’s intervention at the Konkola Copper Mines was made in good faith – to save the mine from collapsing and preventing job losses. However, she says other strategic partners would be found should any mining firm leave the country.
The minister also shares that Government has had a challenge to implement the minimum wages because affected employees tend to shield defiant employers. She therefore urges vulnerable workers under this category who are poorly remunerated to blow the whistle so that Government could intervene.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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