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Siamunene warns scrap metal dealers

DEPUTY Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Richwell Mr Siamunene has urged scrap metal dealers to desist from buying railway clippers indiscriminately because their action is tantamount to economic sabotage.
The minister warned of stern action against those found wanting.
Speaking during the tour of Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) Livingstone station yesterday, Mr Siamunene said that there is need to discourage the buying of scrap metal in order to curb vandalism of railway infrastructure.
“People should be enlightened on the dangers of the vice on the lives of the people on the train and the railway will be safe guarded.
This will enable them to know that their action is as good as to economic sabotage,” he said.
Mr Siamunene said there is need for random inspections at the yards of scrap metal dealers so that they can be forced to stop buying scrap metal from the railway line.
He said if the railway line is not protected, this can led to derailments which could also result into loss of lives.
The minister also said Zambians expect nothing less than performance from the company because it is should be run as a business.
Mr Siamunene further urged ZRL to ensure that it awards contracts to local companies to avoid externalisation of foreign exchange.
“If you get everything from outside country, you put the pressure on the Kwacha. So you should ensure that you get things locally and you should encourage foreign investors to buy materials locally because this has multiplier effect on the economy,” he said.

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