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Siamunene appointment mark of good leadership


PRESIDENT Lungu’s appointment of Sinazongwe member of Parliament Richwell Siamunene as Minister of Defence is not only a political masterstroke but a demonstration of his vision to unite the country based on principles upon which it was founded.
The President is towering far beyond petty political lines in his quest to run an inclusive government that would give hope to majority Zambians in need of economic development.
He has followed this noble route of unity amidst unjustified attacks and attempts to derail him from delivering for all Zambians irrespective of creed, colour, tribe or political affiliation that tend to divide us.
For the umpteenth time, he has shown that he will walk the talk, avoid egoism and politicking or utter insults which seem to be the only reason of existence by some political players.
The Sinazongwe MP has committed to working with the people who elected him, choosing to work with Government to bring development not only to his rural constituency but the country at large.
His elevation to Cabinet from the position of deputy minister of Transport, Works and Supply gives him an opportunity to carry on with the vision of Government with which he has worked for years.
It is a lofty position just like that of Finance, Home Affairs, Justice.
By elevating Mr Siamunene, President Lungu has demonstrated his desire to work with all and sundry – regardless of the region they belong to.
This gesture has also shown President Lungu’s desire to translate the ‘One Zambia, one nation’ motto into reality.
If this motto was thought to be mere rhetoric, President Lungu has laid it to rest by picking out Mr Siamunene from the Gwembe valley and from the opposition UPND to become one of his right handmen in Cabinet.
Mr Siamunene is no stranger in Government, having served as a deputy minister since 2011 when the PF swept into power.
The new appointment places premium on Mr Siamunene to raise his bar and contribute to the country’s socio-economic development.
He is taking over a ministry which was, until his appointment, being run from State House as President Lungu was the minister, apart from being the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.
Mr Siamunene is going to the Defence ministry at a time when functions of these strategic wings are being diversified.
The Zambia Air Force has embarked on an ambitious infrastructural development programme which includes construction of hospitals and messes to contribute to service delivery.
Government on the other hand has transferred the Rural Road Unit (RRU) to the Zambia National Service to upscale road rehabilitation and construction in the country.
Government realised that ZNS is best suited to run the RRU because it already has the Land Development Branch which has been involved in opening up the country by constructing and rehabilitating feeder roads countrywide.
Government has gone a step further by buying earth-moving equipment to equip ZNS and ensure it carries out its added mandate efficiently.
Over and above, ZNS has been authorised to recruit 1,000 personnel to boost its workforce.
President Lungu has also indicated that the Zambia Army and the Airforce will also be allowed to recruit personnel to ensure they have sufficient numbers for their operations.
Therefore, Mr Siamunene is arriving at the Defence ministry at a very critical moment to provide the much-needed leadership.
Our expectation is that Mr Siamunene will settle at his new work station quickly to begin to supervise and supplement the work of the innovative hard-working commanders at ZAF, Zambia Army and ZNS in the implementation of government programmes.
We welcome Mr Siamunene’s appointment and commend the President for his wisdom bed-rocked on uniting our country at a time some forces are sowing seeds of discord.

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