Siamese twins discuss security

MINISTRY of Defence Permanent Secretary Sturdy Mwale (right) exchanges gifts with Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Defence and War Veterans’ Affairs Permanent Secretary Martin Rushwaya at the Zimbabwe-Zambia Joint Permanent Commission (JPC) meeting that was held in Victoria Falls Town. PICTURE: MINISTRY OF DEFENCE

TO APPRECIATE how historically connected Zambia and Zimbabwe are, you have to go back to November 11, 1965, a year and a few days after Zambia’s independence when Ian Smith, the Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia, unilaterally declared independence from Britain.
That declaration was to have a telling effect on Zambia.
The two countries, together with Malawi, had been together in the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. But not only that, Zambia’s trading system since the beginning of the 20th century had been tied to southern Africa.
Zambia’s external trade depended on the Rhodesia Railways and was routed through South Africa (ports of Durban and Port Elizabeth) and Mozambique (Beira). Its imports were sourced mainly from South Africa.
But after the establishment of the Federation, the Southern Rhodesian industry developed and became the main supplier of the Zambian market.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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