Siamese twins born

THE University Teaching Hospital (UTH) on Tuesday received a pair of Siamese twins born from a couple of Southern Province.
The conjoined twins, born on Monday, were referred to UTH from Batoka hospital and arrived at 15:00 hours.
UTH public relations manager Mwenya Mulenga said in an interview yesterday that the pair was born to Lasford Sibaumba and Christine Munsaka, both peasant farmers of Singani area in Southern Province.
“The babies, who are in a stable condition, were assessed by the medical staff and admitted to one of the specialised units where they are currently receiving care,” he said.
The mother of the twins, Ms Munsaka, 38, had a natural birth and was only aware she was expecting twins but did not know their condition.
She narrated: “When I saw my babies born joined, I was scared and did not know what their condition will be like,” she said.
The babies conjoined at the abdomen are the second set of twins the couple has conceived and are an addition to seven siblings.
From 1970 to 2010, UTH has recorded a total of eight surgeries involving Siamese twins with eight being male and the other female.
Mr Mulenga said the sex of these Siamese twins is yet to be determined and a combined medical team of experts will give a conclusive road map on the way forward.

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