Shoddy constructors face de-registration

THE National Council for Construction (NCC) will de-register all construction companies that are underperforming, executive director Charles Mushota has said.
Mr Mushota said in an interview recently that contractors fond of abandoning works also risk being re-downgraded.
He was reacting to a statement issued by special assistant to the president for project monitoring and implementation Lucky Mulusa, who recently said 146 local contractors have abandoned works in Muchinga Province.
“As a council, we have heard the reports though we have not received any official communication but we have instituted our own investigations into the matter,” Mr Mushota said.
The council has noted that not all local contractors abandon works and do shoddy works, as some actually do good works.
Mr Mushota said most local contractors fail to do good jobs mainly due to lack of technical and financial capacity compared to foreign contractors.
“Most local contractors lack competence and skills and that is why we have embarked on a programme to train them,” he said.
Mr Mushota said Zambians need to change their attitude towards work if they are to progress.
“Government has done its part in implementing the capacity building of local contractors,” he said.
Mr Mushota also alleged that there is also rampant registering of foreign companies using local people after being bribed, a situation he described as worrying.

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