Letter to the Editor

Shocking divorce cases in Lusaka

Dear editor,
IT IS worrying to note that the number of divorce cases in Lusaka is 8,500 as reported in the Zambia Daily Mail recently.
The high rate of divorce shows that the institution of marriage is facing serious challenges. Unless solutions are found, marriage will soon be turned into a child play.
The high statistics of divorce raise a lot of questions.
Did the couples divorced go through courtship to know each other well?
Who were their marriage arbitrators (Bashi Bukombe/ Bana Bukombe)?
Do we still have marriage counsellors in our society?
The breaking down of marriages shows the extent to which society has disintegrated.
Spouses seem to have lost meaning of why God created the sacred union of husband and wife.
Let us get back to our tradition and preserve marriages and families.
To those not yet married take time to know each other and understand the demands of marriage before committing.

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