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It’s shameful to welcome Bembas – HH

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has allegedly criticised Chieftainess Mwenda of Chikankata for welcoming and speaking to Patriotic Front secretary-general Davies Chama in Bemba.
Details have emerged of a telephone conversation  in which Mr Hichilema complained to Chief Hamusonde of Monze that it was shameful for some chiefs in Southern Province to speak to Mr Chama in Bemba.
Sources close to Chief Hamusonde and Mr Hichilema said the chief was quiet throughout the ‘furious’ complaint last week.
The source quotes Mr Hichilema as having said: “I have just returned from North-Western Province and people there are warming up to us but it’s shameful that some of the chiefs in Southern Province did not just welcome Chama but spoke to him in Bemba. This is shameful.”
Mr Chama wondered what kind of president Mr Hichilema would make given the traits of tribalism he is exhibiting.
“Mr Hichilema is a tribalist who will never preside over the critical affairs of this country. How can he become bitter because I visited Southern Province when we are One Zambia One Nation?” he wondered.
The UPND has struggled to shrug off the tribal tag following the death of its first president Anderson Mazoka as its members insisted that it would only be led by a Tonga.
And Mr Chama has lashed out at Mr Hichilema for accusing the PF of using police to stop opposition parties from organising their structures.
Reacting to Mr Hichilema’s allegations that the PF is using the police to prevent opposition parties from organising their structures, Mr Chama said the ruling party does not control the police.
He said police would not stop any political party from organising themselves.
Mr Chama said President Lungu is on record directing police to adhere to professionalism as they execute their duties.
“The police are just applying the law to people who do not abide by it. It is, therefore, important for the UPND to do so to avoid problems,” Mr Chama said and described the opposition party as a cry baby.

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