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‘Sexuality education to curb school drop-outs’

GOVERNMENT has expressed hope that the introduction of sexuality education in schools will help reduce the number of pupils dropping out of school due to pregnancy.
In an interview in Lusaka during the week, Ministry of Education, Science and Vocational Training spokesperson Hillary Chipango said Government is against the use of contraceptives in schools.
“Teachers have started teaching and talking to pupils on sexuality and sexuality reproductive health.
I am confident that teen pregnancies will be reduced once pupils have access to sexual health information,’’ he said.
Mr Chipango said Government decided to introduce sexuality education because pupils need to know how their bodies work. Once embraced by everyone, very few pupils will be dropping out of schools due to pregnancies.
Mr Chipango said that the rate of pupils dropping out of schools is alarming, hence the need for all stakeholders to support Governments decision.
He said teen pregnancy has a negative impact on girls because chances of them completing secondary education is low.
Mr Chipango also said that early pregnancy, like early marriage, has a negative impact on the health of girls and women.
He said many pupils who fall pregnant at school have not taken advantage of the re-entry policy because they are faced with many challenges. Some of the challenges are lack of financial support, while others do not have people to take care of their babies while they are at school.

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