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‘Sexual’ education signed off

A volunteer delivers a sexual health lesson at a primary schools in the small town of Nakalama in eastern Uganda. Photo by: International Citizen Service / CC BY

AN online campaign aimed at collecting signatures to petition government to stop the subject on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in Zambian schools has been launched.
The campaign, dubbed ‘The protect Zambian children coalition’, is being championed in partnership with Family Watch International (FWI), which seeks to compel government to withdraw CSE subject and subject it to wider consultations.
The online petition aims to collect signatures from Zambians which will be submitted to government to compel them withdraw the current CSE which is being taught in schools.
EFZ has also formally delivered its petition to the ministries of General Education and Religious Affairs demanding the immediate withdrawal of CSE from the Zambian Curriculum with immediate effect.
EFZ board chairperson Bishop Paul Mususu said the UN- funded subject is being taught to Zambian children despite the fact that wider consultations were not made.
He said the subject must be withdrawn to allow for wider consultation and a new CSE subject which is culturally acceptable must be implemented.
“Unlike traditional sex education, CSE is highly explicit and promotes sexual immorality and high risk sexual behaviours to children as healthy and normal practices,” he said.
Bishop Mususu alleged that CSE subjects are not comprehensive because they fail to teach children about emotional, psychological and physical health risks of promiscuous sexual activities.
He alleged that CSE promotes radical sexual ideologies and behaviours that conflict religious and culture values.
Bishop Mususu said early sexualisation of children through CSE can create a different culture which is harmful to the children.
“We call on Zambians to awaken and reject the subject of CSE. We know other African countries are implementing it, but this is time for the African Union to renounce it,” he said.
Bishop Mususu said CSE is an indirect campaign to lure children into becoming sex objects.
He said these ineffective and highly controversial CSE programmes mostly published by foreign entities are harming Zambia’s children.

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