Sex workers ask for more

Prostitute at Atlantica avenue in copacabana beach at night, Rio de Janeiro

SOME commercial sex workers in Lusaka feel time given for bars and night clubs to operate is not adequate for them to find more clients.
The sex workers, who have expressed happiness about the partial re-opening of bars and night clubs, still feel more time should be given.
On September 11, President Edgar Lungu allowed bars and night clubs to start operating from Friday to Sunday starting from 18:00 hours to 23:00 hours.
A sex worker only identified as Belinda found at Katete bar in Chawama Township said the time given is not enough for her to make more money.
“I am of the idea that bars should be operating from 18:30 hours to 04:00 hours or from Thursday to Sunday. Most of these drinking places get busy after 21:00 hours and this is the time when we start looking for clients,” she said.
Belinda said it is difficult for sex workers to find more customers because they do it in secrecy. CLICK

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