Set up rice plantations – Sichone

Rice field.

MUCHINGA Province Minister Malozo Sichone has appealed to investors to consider setting up rice and sugar plantations in the 300,000 hectares Chambeshi plains which have remained under-utilised.

Mr Sichone said the Chambeshi plains, which are shared between Chinsali and Mpika districts, have good fertile soils which support the cultivation of rice and sugar cane.
“We have the Chambeshi plains here in Muchinga. The soils in the plains are rich and they are suitable for rice and sugar cultivation. We need serious investors to come and invest in these plains,” he said.
Mr Sichone said Government is willing to give serious investors some parcels of land in the plains to foster economic development in the province.
He said Nakonde and Isoka also have great potential for coffee cultivation while Mafinga, Chama and Mpika have good fertile soils that support the growth of cotton and tobacco.
He said Muchinga has numerous investment opportunities in mining, agriculture and tourism which need to be exploited.
Mr Sichone said Muchinga is home to the North-Luangwa national park and Lavushi-Manda national park.
He said the two national parks have remained under-utilised in terms of promoting tourism in the province.
Mr Sichone said Muchinga also has plenty of forests, and investors can set up forest plantations and create the much needed job opportunities for the local people.
He said a development plan for Muchinga Province has been developed and will be posted on the World Wide Web (WWW) to market the investment opportunities in the province.


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