Service delivery standards to expect from ZICTA

LAST year, Zambia Information Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) introduced a service charter. The objective of this week’s column is to remind the institution’s stakeholders of what standards to expect from ZICTA in terms of service delivery in the year 2015 and beyond.
This service charter has set standards regarding customer service, which are in line with ZICTA’s mission statement – “to effectively provide regulatory services to the ICT sector in order to enhance universal access to the ICT services”.
The authority’s operations are guided by three fundamental values namely; professionalism, integrity and transparency. These values underpin the institution’s commitment to service, and what the stakeholders can expect from it, as it strives to effectively provide regulatory services in the ICT sector as per the mission statement.
It should be noted that progressive institutions of endeavour to continue growing from strength to strength in their service delivery. It becomes paramount to constantly revisit the framework under which services are delivered in order to ensure that the mandate is being fulfilled to the satisfaction of stakeholders. This is particularly important in the dynamic and hyper-turbulent ICT sector.
Last year, ZICTA, through its first ever service charter, re-engineered and streamlined its existing operations in order to guarantee effective execution of its mandate. Through this service charter, ZICTA has pledged to consistently deliver the highest standard of services to its stakeholders whilst fulfilling its mandate. In other words, ZICTA promises to hold itself accountable against the stated standards of service that are enshrined in its charter and we encourage our stakeholders to put it to test as the institution endeavours to serve its clients better. In simple words – “ZICTA lives to serve its stakeholders effectively and efficiently”.
ZICTA draws its mandate from the information and communication technologies (ICT) Act No 15 of 2009, the Electronic and Communications Transactions (ECT) Act 2009 and the Postal Services Act 2009. All the services that are being offered are derived from these three pieces of legislation.
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