Letter to the Editor

Sensitise us on National Health Insurance Bill

Dear editor,
FOR the past months, Government has disputed many claims by some stakeholders concerning the National Health Insurance Bill.
The government has assured citizens that the national health scheme will not cost more than NAPSA as some of us have been made to believe.
It further says the National Health Insurance Scheme does not stop Government from funding the health sector to ensure improved care and service delivery.
It, however, becomes confusing that some stakeholders like the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions are against the bill and do not support it in its current state.
And Zambia Federation of Employers says in its current state, the bill is likely to reduce the amount of clients for private hospitals.
These stakeholders are saying the bill was hijacked by the Ministry of Health and suggests it should be handled by the Ministry of Labour.
It is for this reason that I appeal to Government to come forward on open platforms, using an accessible mass medium, workshops, sensitisation programmes, and talks to educate the general public on the National Health Insurance bill.

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