Letter to the Editor

Scrapping of meal allowance inevitable change

Dear editor,
THE cry by some sectors of society over the removal of meal allowances at UNZA and CBU is uncalled for.
We all know for sure that hard work must be rewarded and talent and intelligence must guarded jealousy but this time it is difficult to agree sincerely to claims that UNZA and CBU pick the cream because of obvious reasons.
Leakage is rampant and some six points are not genuine.
Because of that fact to me all universities are equal and should be treated the same. Further extending an olive branch to other universities is very welcome move.
The Minister’s wise decision should be praised by all well-meaning Zambians.
The prudent use of limited resources in an impactful manner is what is being advocated for everywhere. In this regard 9 universities will have its students receive loans for the first time in Zambia. Remember these students are coming from all walks of life, meaning the benefit will carter for all social statuses with ripple effects to their families and communities.
In addition, it is one way of uplifting these other universities and with better social impact.
Thumbs up Prof Luo.
My appeal to Government and prof Luo is to facilitate for these universities to be self-sustaining. The models used at ZNS and Zambia correctional services should be emulated.
I see over 20, 000 students as a very big resource that should be used positively to generate income and create solution to public and private problems. Government should find ways of stimulating these intelligent minds to come with products that will change people’s lives.
Maturity is accepting that nothing is permanent, accept change. It shall not always be UNZA and CBU. Let’s accommodate other universities.

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