Letter to the Editor

Save parents from extortion by schools

Dear editor,
THERE is so much extortion of parents by schools going on. After paying PTA fees and tuition at the start of each year, parents are told to buy slashers, hoes, reams of paper (Typek the most expensive), toiletries including tissue, soap and cleaning reagents.
Parents at the end of the year do not get reports on these things, how they are used.
It is not an issue of parents affording or not, but accounting for these materials.
If parents have to buy these materials, what are the PTA and other fees paid to the school intended for? A school of 1,000 pupils, getting +900 reams of paper, +900 slashers and double that number of tissues, soap? Who knows where the extra goes.
Pupils are chased from tuitions if they don’t buy these materials.
I appeal to the minister to stop this extortion, ensure schools get only what is needed and what they can use.

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