‘Sata authorised new State House’


SPECIAL assistant to the President for press and public relations Amos Chanda says President Sata authorised the construction of a new State House following a recommendation

by the Ministry of Works and Supply.
Mr Chanda said at first President Sata refused to build a new State House but he later reconsidered his decision after being told that the current structure poses a danger to life.
Speaking on Prime Television discussion programme on Monday, Mr Chanda said President Sata engaged a reputable private firm to assess the safety of the current State House.
He said after President Sata was made aware of the gravity of the danger the current structure has, he authorised extensive repairs and if possible building a new State House.
“The private firm reached the same verdict that has been reached by the parliamentary committee on works and supply that there is need for a new State House,” he said.
Mr Chanda said State House has been told by structural engineers at the Ministry of Works and Supply that there is a safety risk to people who live and work there.
And Mr Chanda said police already have some names of individuals perpetrating acts of lawlessness and that a full-fledged investigation is still underway.
He said police have so far been doing a wonderful job and that the nation will soon see some people behind bars or before the courts of law.
Mr Chanda said the people behind criminal activities will not be treated based on their social status in society.

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